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We just love coffee too much. We have been always looking for new and more complex flavors and aromas through all the coffee plantations in Colombia, and we want to share what we've found with you.

We share the experience of 4 coffee enthusiasts: Manuel, Nikolai, Ana, and Alejandro, with more than 35 years of shared experience in the industry of specialty coffee all around the world.


Manuel worked as Barista, Coffee Roaster, and Coffee hunter in Colombia, then he became one of the head roasters for one of the biggest Specialty Coffee Companies in Saudi Arabia. Nikolai worked as a Barista for several years in Europe and came to Colombia to develop Coffee directly with the farmers, becoming a self-taught roaster, focusing on becoming one of the best coffee tasters in the world (2019 coffee taster champion of Germany). Ana has been innovating to create new sustainable business models and producing innovative ways of sharing theories behind each farmer and their coffees. Alejandro, focus his studies on Economics to develop a new business model focused on social and environmental impact while pursuing sustainable economic growth.




We look for and select the best coffees to satisfy each brand's needs and desires. 
We work with 4 coffee categories


The best flavors of Colombian coffee in the quantities of your choice. Blended coffees of different coffee growers of the same region, with a balanced and consistent cup. 

Micro lot

Unique coffees. The perfect tasting profile for you to develop in your coffee roaster. These coffees are produced by a group of allied farmers.


Coffees with differentiated characteristics. The fermented processes, as well as the benefit and drying processes, are developed by our team of experts. We highlight the best features of the coffee and its origin. 


90+ SCA Coffees.

The best Colombian Coffees. Traded directly by the producers.


Calle 109 # 18B - 22 oficina 301, Bogotá, Colombia

Thank you for reaching out!

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